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God of the Gay and Straight

“If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.”

African Proverb

Always opinionated, yet in a respectful and non-offensive way, never before was it so difficult to write a publisher’s note challenging these values.

Finding arguments on secular topics that would do justice to different views and perspectives is always a challenge, however, in the case of  ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ which is what this edition of Colorszine is about, not only was the challenge difficult, it was also strenuous. The reason for this is because marriage as such, isn’t just any secular topic. As a Christian, I believe the origin and institution of marriage between a ‘man and a woman’, have been defined in Genesis 2:24 of the Bible.

Colorszine is not a Christian magazine as such. Searching for non-religious arguments, with a ‘neutral’ view, was far from easy. One doesn’t have to be religious to oppose same-sex marriage. However, principles of the moral law on traditional marriage are based on religion. Unfortunately, historically and presently criminal and abusive behavior against humanity, have been taking place in the name of God and religion also.

I condemn places where homosexuals are punished and mistreated for who they are. No human being deserves such treatment, even if that was the practice in ancient times, and in the Bible. Besides that, homosexuality isn’t the only ‘sin’ seen by God as an abomination. The Bible condemns all forms of sexual immorality and other sinful practices, such as lying, cheating and stealing. I’m familiar with people, who’ve been struggling with this issue all their life, but for some reason didn’t succeed in the transformation they fought for. Then again, there are also those who testify of changed lives based on spirituality or religion.

What concerns me most is where free-speech on all issues is advocated and everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if given in a disrespectful and offensive way. However, if one dares to speak up and speak out against what is socially and politically accepted, one is often tagged as homophobic, anti-gay, racist, or discriminative. Why is that?

Now, I have blood relatives, friends and colleagues who are dear to me and are gay. It’s not up to me to judge nor condemn anyone for their sexual orientation or preference. I value and treat each person with equal respect; not based on religion, race, sex nor sexual orientation. That said, the fact that these dear ones or any person for that matter, choose to live a particular lifestyle, based on their personal feelings, beliefs, or even by government rulings, gives me no reason to compromise or deny what I feel is right, and what I stand for. Excuse me for stepping on sensitive toes.

Am I not equally entitled to voice my opinion based on my beliefs and my own judgment? The older I get, the more I cling to God and by faith accept the Bible as His inspired Word, even though I don’t always understand everything.

Take for example the rainbow. According to scripture, this symbolizes the covenant between God and all creation for everlasting generations. Now it’s also a symbol of acceptance of the LGBT community. I’ll probably receive a lot of criticism by both ends on the issue, nevertheless, taking a stand for one’s belief, - in my case based on holy scriptures- is worth the criticism!

Read this article of an Ohio judge, after the SCOTUS ruling. In my opinion, there’s no such thing as ‘neutral’ ground on the subject. One has to take a stand!

Concluding, I trust our articles, flipping both sides of the coin while honoring free speech and embracing similarities and differences, will enlighten and give food for thought to everyone.  

May God bless us all.



Tirzah Libert

Thank you for taking the time to read my note. I truly appreciate your like, share a/o comment on my thoughts if you agree or disagree.

We do our utmost to publish valuable content. I would love to hear what you would like to read and see in Colorszine. Contact me.

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Image: Flickr / Maxime Raynal (CC BY 2)

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