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Fulfilling My Purpose with Passion

It's amazing how one's life can change if you dare to be different and do something unusual.

By writing more, interacting and voicing my opinion on certain subjects, I'm finding out my Purpose is to Inspire, Create, Empower & Motivate with Passion. Feedback and comments received from readers, some of which I don't even know personally, are encouraging and heartwarming.

I'm inspired when reading and learning about the path trod by ordinary people, breaking boundaries and moving mountains to achieve their goals. My purpose is to also be a role model of inspiration in word and action for the human race in general and women like myself in particular pursuing their dreams.

I was invited by Brad Fergusson to join his LinkedIn group 'Doing The Right Thing' which was a pleasant surprise. After some correspondence, I felt humbled to be also chosen as a founding member of The MasterMind Alliance based on my profile.

What an honor to join forces to take on this incredible mission to bring POSITIVE DISRUPTION to industries around the world and BIG IMPACT for our fellow humankind as a by product. I've always loved playing the game Mastermind when I was younger but never thought I would be invited to be a founding member to share and contribute my ideas and perspectives on a global scale.

It takes a creative mind finding ways to stay in the picture when working with limited resources. Fortunately, I have the support of other creative MasterMinds on Colorszine that motives me to keep moving in fulfilling my purpose with passion.

Failing to try is my greatest fear. If I never try something new or different, I wouldn't know how much I can bend and stretch in order to bounce back. I'm empowered and energized, even though at times my impatience gets in the way, but I'm working on that.

When I go for my walks in the forest, enjoy the fresh air, the colors of nature, and quietness during divine moments, I'm spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally nurtured & filled. At times it seems to me I may be moving slowly, but every step is a learning experience taking me closer to achieving my goals. So far I have no regrets. Countless blessings, I'm grateful for all.



Tirzah Libert

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